2020 April Factory Sale

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2020 April Factory Sale Up To Save 35% – 50% Off Valid Date: 4.15 – 4.30 Tag: April Sale: http://www.autelsale.com/producttags/april-sale.html

Aute Factory Spring Promotion

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Aute Factory Spring Promotion Lowest Price & Free Shipping Date: 3.19-3.29 Spring Sale: http://www.autelsale.com/producttags/spring-sale.html


Autel Maxisys Elite Common FAQs

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Autel Maxisys Elite Common Questions and Answers: Q: What’s the difference between the elite and ms906 besides the programming or tire functions? Does it have more special […]


Autel MaxiSys Series Scanners Release Notes (September, October 2017)

October 24, 2017 sales 0

Below versions were released in September, including improved performance and bug fixes for Autel MaxiSys series products, MaxiSys 906/908/908 pro, MaxiSys CV, MD808/MX808/MaxiService/MaxiDiag Elite. Autel MaxiSys Series  ²Asia uHonda (V4.40) Fixes an issue that reports generated from auto scanning are not fully displayed. Fixes bugs that caused failure in replacing PCM/TCM and adding a new key in Immobilizer GEN-III. Fixes bugs that caused errors in performing BSI function in BSM. Addes 36 functions for diesel engine and gasoline engine. ²American uFord (V7.13) Adds diagnostic support for models up to 2017. uChrysler (V7.60) Adds diagnostic support for models up to 2017. Autel MaxiSys pro 908 & 906 ²European: uVW (V10.00) (Maxisys908Pro) Optimizes on-line coding function for VW, Audi, SH-VW, FAW-VW, FAW-Audi, and adds support for the latest models in 2017. VW (V10.00) (Maxisys908, 906, 906S:) […]

How to submit Data Logging reports in Autel Maxisys MS908P Diagnostics

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To submit Data Logging reports in Autel MaxiSys Diagnostics: 1. Tap the Diagnostics application button from the MaxiSys Job Menu. The Data Logging button on the diagnostic toolbar is available throughout the whole Diagnostics operations. 2. Tap the Data Logging button. The button displays blue during the active recording process. 3. Tap the Data Logging button again to finish recording. A submission form will display to let you fill in the report information. 4. Tap the Send button to submit the report form via the internet, a confirmation message displays when sending is successful http://www.autelsale.com/