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11.11 Autel Shopping Carnival (Date: 11.9-11.18)

November 11, 2021 sales 0

11.11 Autel Shopping Carnival Lowest Price Ever Date: 11.9-11.18 https://www.autelsale.com/producttags/11.11-sale.html Autel US/UK/EU/Czech/Belgium/Amazon Warehouse In Stock Now Ship from US 3-5 working days Ship from UK 3-5 working […]

Autel IM608 & IM508 Immo for Opel Update-Coming Soon

July 1, 2020 sales 0

Autel IM608 & IM508 Immo for Opel Update-Coming Soon New update coming up for Opel: 1. Add Automatic selection menu. 2. Add support for auto detect vehicle engine type(Engine read PIN code) 3. Add support for (Vivaro ,Cavalier,VXR8,Antara ,Corsa E,Saab 9-5 etc) Key learning. 4. Add support for Reset immobilizer and reset engine control module 5. Add support for key learning for following models: Astra H 2004-2014 Blade key Vectra C/Signum 2002-2008 Blade key Zafira B 2005-2014 Blade key Agila 2000-2007 Blade key Astra G 1998-2011 Blade key Combo B 2002-2011 Blade key Corsa C 2001-2011 Blade key Frontera B 1999-2003 Blade key Meriva 2003-2010 Blade key Omega B 2000-2003 Blade key Tigra B 2000- Blade key Vectra B 1997-2001 Blade key Zafira 1999-2004 Blade key Corsa D […]

Autel FAQ for Registration

July 1, 2020 sales 0

Autel FAQ for Registration 1. Q: How to Register Autel ID on the Official Website? A: Pls go to Autel website to register your Autel ID with email address first: https://pro.autel.com/regCustomerInfo.html?operationType=1&m=1 2. Q: How to Register Serial Number on the Official Website? […]