How To Update Autel MaxiSys MS909, MS919 & Ultra to Autel MaxiSys MS909EV, MS919EV & Ultra EV?

Ultra EV

1. Purchase Autel MaxiSys EV Diagnostics Upgrade Kit, then go to Settings —- EVDiag Box Settings on Autel MaxiSys MS909, MS919, and Ultra, connect the device with EVDiag Box and VCMI/ VCI as device interface shows, when EVDiag Box serial number is read, click Link EVDiag Box, then it will upgrade to Autel MaxiSys MS909EV, Autel MaxiSys MS919EV or Autel MaxiSys Ultra EV after restart (System Program of Autel MaxiSys MS909/ MS919/ Ultra needs updating to V2.60 or above version);

Note: When Autel MaxiSys MS909, MS919, or Ultra’s sales contract is changed to the corresponding MS909 EV/MS919 EV/Ultra EV, then MS909, MS919, or Ultra can also be upgraded to MS909 EV/MS919 EV/Ultra EV.

2. Users do not need to pay additional subscription fees to activate the EV diagnostic function after purchasing the EV upgrade package.

3. Autel MaxiSys MS909/ 919 /Ultra MUST be with a valid software subscription, as it needs to update the device to download some EV software after binding with EVDiag Box.

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