Autel TPMS Introduction


Autel TPMS series
This series is mainly used for detection and programming auto tire pressure systems including,

TS401, TS5o1 ,TS6o1Autel MaxiTPMS PAD and MX-Sensors TPMS sensors 


Autel TS401 vs. TS501 vs. TS601

TS401: the cheapest, least functional.


TS501 and TS601 support programming features, in general,the equipment can make program on the car , as long as the car has this function,more informtion please see the specific list of features TPMS PDF.
The difference between TS501 and TS601:

TS601 could be read data stream can make some of special function

and what‘s special functions the tpms support which depend on the specific features list.

The difference TS501 TS601 and TS401:

TS401 can only be activated and read the data about tire
Pressure  TS501 and TS601 have OBDII connector

it can  connected to the onboard computer and reads the DTCs
inside TPMS system,and clear DTCs, read data, etc.



Autel MaxiTPMS PAD

Original Autel MaxiTPMS PAD TPMS Sensor Programming Accessory Device
This new programming tool is the best partner for busy shops, as it frees up your TPMS activation tools, and is extreme easy-to-use and fast!

l_autel maxi tpms pad

Autel MX-Sensor 433MHz/315MHz Universal Programmable TPMS Sensor 

MX-Sensors (433MHz/315Mhz), the programmable universal sensors, are both smart and efficient specially built for sensor replacement to perform like OE sensors, in terms of signal interval, durability and functionality supporting up to 99% of the US and Canadian vehicles. The 2-SKU sensor solution that covers over 98% of all OE sensors on the market will greatly simplify your inventory management and lower investment and sales loss.