Auto Auth Support Autel 808/906/908/Ultra Series!

With the latest upgrade, Auto Auth can support to add Autel 808, 906, 908 & Ultra series tablets now! This function is currently only available for North America 2018+ FCA models like Chrysler, JEEP, Dodge & Fiat. Besides, Maserati is under development and will be supported soon.

Auto Auth Supported Autel Models

MK808, MK808TS, MK808BT, MP808, MP808BT, MP808TS, DS808.

MS906, MS906S, MS906BT, MK906BT, MS906PRO, MK906PRO, MS906TS, MK906PRO-TS, MS908SPRO, MK908, MK908PRO, Elite II, Ultra, Ultra lite, D1 PLUS, D1 MAX, IM1, IM508, IM608, D1, D1 LITE, BT1, BT1 LITE, ITS600E, TBE200E, BT608E, BT506, BT508.

MK808S, MK808S-TS,MK808S- BT,MP808S,MP808S- BT,MP808S-TS,DS808S.

MK908PRO II, MK908 I, IM608 II, IM508S, MS908SPRO II.

How to Add FCA SGW?

1. Contact your Autel seller, please.

2. Please do not forget to specify the device’s serial number and the desired expiry date of the FCA license. For the active devices, you can decide to adjust the expiry date of the FCA license according to the expiry date of the tool’s software updates, the price will be calculated accordingly if you do not specify any particular deadline in your order, the license will have 1 Year duration;

3. Please note that the FCA license does not work if the software license period of your devices has expired.

4. It’s not possible to buy_ the licenses for the devices that have not been activated;

Make Model/Year Safety Gateway Bypass Connector Direct Access Solution
Jeep/Chrysler/Dodge/Maserati 2018 year and newer with 12+8 connector Autoauth (North America)
FCA SGW Authorization
Renault/Nissan 2021 and newer with 16+32 connector /

How to access FCA vehicles on Autel tablet?

Operating Path:

Diagnostics >> Car model >> Automatic selection >> Change >> North America access via AutoAuth >> Yes >> Enter user name & password to login