How Autel MD802 turn off Nissan Micra airbag light?


AUTEL MaxiDiag Elite MD802 is all System+ data stream scan tool for engine, transmission, ABS and airbag fault codes. It support wide range car brands and is easy to use. This blog will show you how to turn off Nissan Micra airbag light in 2 steps.



Autel-MD802-reset-Nissan-airbag-light-1 Autel-MD802-reset-Nissan-airbag-light-2

Step1. Start Autel MD802. Choose “Scan”→ “Asian”→ “Nissan”→ “Control Unit”→ “Airbag”. Please wait a second.



Autel-MD802-reset-Nissan-airbag-light-4 Autel-MD802-reset-Nissan-airbag-light-5

Step2. Now choose “Read Code” and you can see the exact fault code. Or you can directly choose “Erase Code”.


Then make sure ignition on and engine stopped.


It will remind you “DTCs and freeze data will be lost”. Choose “Yes” to continue.


Now MaxiDiag Elite MD802 erase airbag fault code and turn off airbag light for Nissan Micra successfully.