Autel FAQ for Registration

Autel FAQ for Registration

1. Q: How to Register Autel ID on the Official Website?

A: Pls go to Autel website to register your Autel ID with email address first:

2. Q: How to Register Serial Number on the Official Website?

A: Go to Product Registration to register your scanner, input the S/N and register password (both can be found on the About page of the tool) — ( if the device cannot be power on, you can send the serial number on the back of the tool to Support, Support can check the register code on the system )

3. Q: How to Register the tablest series tools?

A: For the tools with tablets likes MK808, MP808TS, MaxiSys seriese etc. You can directly register on your tool, click “Register”, it will tell you how to do automatically. Need to make sure the internet is connected already.

4. Q: How to Register my scanner?

A: Please kindly note that for these tools, no need to register: AL319, AL419, AL439, AL439B, AL539, AL539B, AL519, TS401,  MS609.