AUTEL MaxiSys MS906 clear Chevrolet Captiva DTC codes fast

Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P

This blog will show you how fast AUTEL MaxiSys MS906 clear DTC codes for Chevrolet Captiva! As the next generation of MaxiDAS DS708, MaxiSys MS906 is highly recommended by running fast and better hardware, etc.


How MaxiSys MS906 clear Chevrolet Captiva DTC codes?

Step1. On main menu choose “Diagnostics”→“GM”→“Manual selection”


Autel-MS906-clear-Chevrolet-DTC-1 Autel-MS906-clear-Chevrolet-DTC-2 Autel-MS906-clear-Chevrolet-DTC-3

Step2. Choose “(8)2008”→ “LD trk, MPV” → “Chevrolet” → “Capitiva” → “(F) 2.4L”

Autel-MS906-clear-Chevrolet-DTC-4 Autel-MS906-clear-Chevrolet-DTC-5 Autel-MS906-clear-Chevrolet-DTC-6 Autel-MS906-clear-Chevrolet-DTC-7 Autel-MS906-clear-Chevrolet-DTC-8


Step3. Choose “5 speed automatic” → “With all wheel driver” → “Auto HVAC”.



Step4. Click “Auto scan” to start read DTC codes, after that just click “Quick erase” to clear DTC codes. In this way AUTEL MS906 clear Chevrolet Captiva DTC codes fast in minute!


Autel-MS906-clear-Chevrolet-DTC-10 Autel-MS906-clear-Chevrolet-DTC-11 Autel-MS906-clear-Chevrolet-DTC-12