How to adjust Mazda CX5 auto leveling headlight AFS by Autel MS905?

It’s newly tested OK to adjust and reset Mazda CX5 auto leveling headlight by Autel MaxiSys Mini MS905! This guide is working when you replace AFS control module or auto leveling sensor.



First, plug the VCI box into car OBD port to connect Autel MS905 with Mazda CX5 via Bluetooth.

Choose “Mazda” then “Mazda” software. You can see “Powertrain”, “Chassis”, “Body” and “Electrical” options on the Service Menu.

Go to “Electrical” then “Head lamp”.


autel-ms905-reset-mazda-cx5-auto-leveling-light-2 autel-ms905-reset-mazda-cx5-auto-leveling-light-3

Then you click “Auto Leveling Sensor” and “Auto Leveling Sensors Adaption”.


autel-ms905-reset-mazda-cx5-auto-leveling-light-4 autel-ms905-reset-mazda-cx5-auto-leveling-light-5

It will remind you when this “Auto Leveling Sensors Adaption” action should do:

When the AFS is replaced or auto leveling sensor is replaced/removed/reinstalled.

Click “Yes” to confirm that and continue.


Follow the tips: turn ignition on (engine off),

And just wait about 10 seconds this procedure is successful! Click “OK” and turn ignition off to complete it.

That’s all about how use Autel MS905 to calibrate Mazda CX5 auto leveling headlight AFS!

autel-ms905-reset-mazda-cx5-auto-leveling-light-7 autel-ms905-reset-mazda-cx5-auto-leveling-light-8 autel-ms905-reset-mazda-cx5-auto-leveling-light-9