Autel MaxiDAS DS708 Program Keys for 2012 VE Holden Commodore Easily

This blog will show you how easy it is to program immobiliser keys for 2012 VE Holden Commodoreusing the Autel MaxiDAS DS708.
No connection to GM or Holden required. No special codes required. Just plug the tool in and follow the simple on screen instructions.



Autel MaxiDAS DS708


2012 VE Holden Commodore

How to connect to vehicles?

Choose vehicle model “VE and WM Series”

In System Menu, choose “Body”

Then choose “immobilizer”


Then MaxiDAS DS708 will establish vehicle communications

Choose “Reprogram All Transponder Keys”

MaxiDAS DS708 Link to Immobilizer…

MaxiDAS DS708 Link to ECM…

MaxiDAS DS708 Link to AudioSystem…

MaxiDAS DS708 Link to BCM…

MaxiDAS DS708 Link to IPC…

Then “Turn Ignition off”

Wait for 10 seconds…

“Turn Ignitino on”

Program Active…

And “turn ignition off”

Ensure that no other transponder keys is within 10CM!

And “turn ignition on”

Done! A transponder key has been programmed!

If you want to program another one, click on “Continue”

Turn ignition off

Insert the second key and click on OK

Turn ignition on

Done! Number of transponder keys is 2.


Total procedure only cost within 5 minutes, this is one function of Autel MaxiDAS DS708, if you want more information about it, pls visit: